Monday, 20 February 2012


Sommerset House was a buzz of exciting, glamour, sophistication and innovation.  Estethica, the eco platform of London Fashion Week showcased a hand full of ecoluxe and all were stunning.  As you entered the rooms Dr Noki's collection was intriguing and struck the senses with full force, From Somewhere again showcased a super sophisticated range with colours and stripes to match the 2012 lifestyle and Junky Styling presented a fantastic array of unique cuts that we know so well as the Junky signature.  Walking through I was tying to think of the perfect image that signified eco fashion from last year. The picture above is a collaboration with Speedo and Orsola de Castro (design by Orsola and Speedo surplus stock) and it reminds me of how fashion design can bring together a good ethos, stewardship, commerce and beauty.   Orsola de Castro is one of my favourite designers and she makes a compelling statement time after time with success.  I adore her passion and the picture above is a statement in itself!  Thank you Orsola! Can't wait to see what she has up her sleeve for next season.

Thursday, 26 January 2012


Straight off the plane and into the fascinating fashion avenues of Delhi on a tuk-tuk.  40Rs took me to a maze of shops in Hauz Khas, a mixture of 13th Century history and contemporary lifestyle enterprises - there is definately a buzz in the air.  Perching on the side of a lake with a beautiful glass front the label 11:11 by CellDesign are captivating an audience in Delhi and beyond. Based next door to their super chic cafe "The Grey Gardens" with the slogan "slow food... slow shopping" ... both are very chic.  I munched on a harvest cake made with apples and zucinni, sipped a cappacino and discussed eco fashion in Delhi with one of the founders of Cell Design, Himanshu.  Perfect for a Friday afternoon.

The design collective 11:11 bring together exceptional talent in design and are taking the Indian fashion scene into new territories together with gaining global respect from press and their international client base.   11:11 are currently working with hand woven textiles from Kutch alongside the Unbox project -  the collection is due to launch at Delhi Fashion Week in February.  Very inspired by the talent and creativity.  When you are in Delhi, a piece from 11:11 is a must.

Photo by Roger Renberg, Styling by Mia Morikawa & Model Erika for 11:11

Tuesday, 24 January 2012


This eco t-shirt company is spot on. The designs are super fun, hit the target market perfectly and are priced well.  Sadly you can't get them in the UK yet, so on your next trip to India, get to one of the stores and pick one up.  I am off to India this week, so will be purchasing a couple to add to my wardrobe.  I particularly liked this design - made me smile and reminds me of my family connections in the Punjab.  The website is awesome and informative giving some vitals on the issues facing cotton farmers in India - for example, according to the website, a cotton farmer is committing suicide in India every 30mins!  Well done 'No Nasties' for inspiring us all to make a change.

Wednesday, 11 January 2012


What a fantastic start to the new year!  Lots to talk about and lots to do - my 'to do' list is increasing day by day.  I have just read about this wonderful eco brand called Bachhara.  I am inspired by the story and the use of materials (including responsibly sourced silks).  The designer has a brave story and has really thought the business side through as well, the website is worth looking through.  Big 'eco star' for Bachhara, we like the ethos.  The brand is not stocked in the UK yet so keep a space in the wardrobe once they get here.  I have been  re-energised by the founders story today to 'save the world!" ...Single handedly.  Check out the website

Thursday, 22 December 2011


Everyone needs a little something to keep loose change in.  If you are like me, I need to keep a change purse in each of my jackets, somehow I end up with loose change everywhere!  This little coin keeper is lovingly designed by Matt and Nat and totally vegan.  It's conservative in design with a little splash of character so the style is perfect for anyone.  (Picture source: BBohmeme)

Monday, 19 December 2011


I have been wearing earrings over the last 6 months that I designed in a silver smithing class last summer.  I think I may have found an addition to my collection with these stunning little earrings by Tatty Devine.  The colour is superb and will add a welcomed splash of sophistication to a day or evening look.   Eco trend setter duo Tatty Devine does it again.  A good buy at £24.  (picture source: Tatty Devine)

Friday, 16 December 2011


It was just this morning that I decided to put on a formal pair of winter boots and needed a warm fine pair of socks with a little difference.  These eco socks are a little steep on the price but they are definitely worth the buck - warm and stylish.  The cute trimming on the top gives character to your style for the day.  Dear Santa , Please can you put a pair in my stocking?  Adore. adore, adore ... by Lowie  (Picture source: Lowie)